Apr 102013

KBA Annual Meeting

  • Thursday, April 18th, 6:30PM
  • Birch Room, Woodbury City Hall
  • 8301 Valley Creek Road

Information has been sent out, which included nomination form and a proxy ballot. We are required to have the annual meeting, and we are required to achieve a quorum. Please plan to attend this important homeowner’s association meeting.

If you cannot attend the Annual Meeting…

Thirteen of your neighbors have already sent in their proxy ballot because they are unable to attend. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please submit a proxy ballot. You can scan and email the proxy to: kross@developcommunity.com or fax to 763-746-1193. If we don’t achieve quorum, which is 20% of homeowners either in person or by proxy, we will need to reschedule the meeting, incurring more cost.

Also…Help keep our neighborhood clean: Please pick up after your pet

Now that much of the snow has melted, lots of pet waste is visible.  Waste pick up stations are located throughout the neighborhood to make pet clean up easy. Please remember to pick up after your pet.

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