May 012013

The Bailey’s Arbor Master Association recommends that ALL homeowners apply a preventative to protect trees and landscape from Japanese Beetles. By treating your trees, you will support the treatment that will occur on all common-own areas (our neighborhood parks and gardens), the Townhomes and Primrose this spring.

Horticultural Services, the landscape contractor for the Bailey’s Arbor Master Association, recommends Spectracide Triazicide. The bottle attaches to a garden hose and can be used for treating both pests.  Residents should always read the label and follow the directions on the container.  If you have your own hand sprayer, there is a version available that can be mixed with water in a sprayer.

The U of MN Extension Service does NOT recommend the use of pheromone traps (the bag traps), “…Research demonstrated that more beetles fly toward traps then are caught; resulting in surplus beetles that feed on your plants.”

On Sale Now

Spectracide Triazicide, the version that connects to a hose, is on sale right now at Menard’s in Cottage Grove through Saturday, May 4 for $7.88/32 oz. bottle. If you are unable to get there before then, the store manager has agreed to extend the sale price for Bailey’s Arbor homeowners. Just ask for a department manager for help.

Protect Your Trees

Many homeowners have had tree, garden and landscape damage from Japanese Beetles the last few years and this summer is expected to be no exception. Help out the whole Bailey’s Arbor neighborhood by treating and protecting trees on your lot including your boulevard trees.

Want to know more?

The University of Minnesota Extension Service website has the most reputable information about Japanese Beetles.

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